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Support Syrian Children is a no profit committee whose objectiveis to help children and populations hit by war and /or severe calamities. It is born without neither a specific aim or a political interest or a religious concern. It is born with the purpose of ward every CHILD health who lives in trials, misery and physical or psychological discomfort from any part of the world. 
Particulary we are working in order to sensitize and realize projects to sustain syrian fugitive population, with a specific regard for infants. Noone of us is a professional cooperator and we give our help completeley for free.
We don't want to appear or replace international organizations or professional worker who work for the international cooperation. We just want to bring our contribution in order to sustain and help that children, elderly people and families left alone in a bloodywar which is not reported propely even if it is so close to our country. 
Help and support us in our commitment. 
Every little help can really make the difference for a child in a refugee camp.

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Support Syrian Children