Nai - Foundation for the Support of Syrian Children through Music

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13c/2; A-4020 Linz

‘Nai. Foundation for the support of Syrian Children through music’ was established in Linz-Austria in 2012.

Thousands of children have been killed, millions are refugees, and the numbers are increasing.
And because Upper-Austria has countless engaged people, music lovers and culture-interested audience, we believe we can support Syrian children with overcoming their trauma.

How do we help? 
We help children to overcome their trauma and find a way into the civilian life through music.
Music is known to be a healing mean and an excellent one to cope with trauma.
Music, not only stimulates and develops one child’s creativity, it is also a channel of communication and,
Music has the power of bringing people together.

Our activities are mainly based in Lebanon. We started recently to work with refugees in Linz too. 

We sponsor music projects: 
- music therapy,
- Choir lessons, and
- workshops of different genres of music

Our partners in Lebanon are: 
- the renowned Fayha Choir with Maestro Barkev Taslakian
- the Foundation Sonbola for Lifelong learning 
- Primamateria for Music Therapy

Our partners in Austria are:
- The publishing company: Veritas
- Chamber of Labour in Upper-Austria and 
- Hypo OÖ 

What do we want to achieve beyond that?
We strongly hope to grow seeds for peace by helping children finding a path to overcome their traumatic experiences thru creativity. We believe that this can prevent violence and aggression in the future.
Syrian Children deserve a better life, a secure and a peaceful future.

How do we achieve our goal?
The main sources of income are donations, sponsorships, membership fees as well as charity concerts and other cultural events.
We were given the Austrian Donation Quality Seal for the transparency of our work.
We guarantee that your donation reaches 100% the Syrian children.

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Nai - Foundation for the Support of Syrian Children through Music