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We started off in 2012 as a small group who would go up to the several refugee camps in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. We would provide them with blankets, clothes, food, firewood, milk and formula milk etc. After our many visits we realised that many of these kids were out of school, and they have been out of school for maybe 2-3 years at a time and not only was it heartbreaking seeing their living conditions, it was even more heartbreaking knowing that these kids were out of school at such an important age for mental development and this would cause permanent damage to their futures, and the future of Syria as a whole. 

So on September 3rd of 2013, Alphabet was officially concerned with helping build tent schools for the children in their designated camps. A lot of people realised how important our initiative is and we have been blessed from the kindness of friends and strangers who have supported us and helped us grow. What started as a few tent schools has now turned into 9 large tent schools (one for each area), and almost a thousand students between 5-14, and with eighteen Syrian teachers (as to also help the communities) that have gone through special training. 


Alphabet would like to officially thank specific people and organisations for without their help we would not be as strong as we are today and would not be able to continuously provide a learning environment and opportunities for these kids:

Special Thanks To:

Dr. Bassam N.

Bana R.

Adnan T. 

Rawiya K.

Also we would like to thank these organisations and associations:

Ana Aqra Association:


Allemni Foundation:

AlSalwa Books:

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Alphabet for Alternative Learning